The Secrets Behind Getting Google Love


The Secrets Behind Getting Google Love

The purpose of Google is to provide helpful and relevant information based on what Internet users are searching for. Understanding this basic principle is key to successfully making Google fall in love with your website.

1. Content is King.

In order to even get Google to glance in your website’s direction, your site must consist of quality content. In other words, your website should provide useful information of interest to search engine users. A good looking design is not enough. Google looks beyond appearances and is most intrigued by depth.

2. Be Hassle Free.

Once you’ve captured Google’s attention, keeping it is another thing. Make sure your website is easy to use, access, navigate, and crawl. Google needs to be able to get to know your website to find out what make’s it tick. If your site has broken links, misleading meta tags, or sneaky redirects it may be perceived as an ineligible hassle.

3. Show That You Are Worthy.

Google has many suitors competing for its attention. To be considered you’ll have to provide respectable references to vouch for you by way of backlinks. The more quality sites linking to yours the better. Credible websites related to your particular niche or topic is even better. *Note, sites linking to you that are already recognized by Google are critical to winning Google over.

4. There’s Always Room For Improvement.

Frequent and consistent additions, updates, and or changes to your website lets Google know that you are serious about providing it with quality content and not afraid of commitment. By constantly improving and adding to your site you assure Google that you’re not a “here today, gone tomorrow” type. Your demonstrated dedication to the growth of your website lets Google know you are in it for the long haul.

5. Get Yo Know Google.

If you want love, you have to give love. With Google many are called but few are chosen. The reason so few are chosen is because they don’t take the time to get to know Google, they just want a one night stand. It doesn’t work that way. For a long lasting fruitful relationship resulting in good search engine rankings and lots of website traffic, you must enter Google’s heart via it’s webmaster’s tools program. This is the soft spot that if used with everything else mentioned…you’ll achieve Google Love.

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