The Social Networking Development Through Touting Revolution


 The Social Networking Development Through Touting Revolution

Web 2.0 has spoken about innumerable opportunities in the field of social net development, which has contributed in the rise of web logs or blogs (as we prefer calling them). Although the ideology of sharing one's thoughts over the web was alive even before the existence of Web 2.0, blogs are a little different. Maintained by a group or an individual, blog extends to people's networking. Not only does an individual share his knowledge or thoughts, but also people can participate by commenting on the blog. Blogs offer better social network integration and allow one-click sharing on various, reputed social networking sites. Another feature was permanent link and link that directly took the user to his / her blog.

The evolution of blogging

Microblogging led to an evolution of blogging and blogs are the earliest expression of social media. Microblogging is quite different than blogging. The Microblogging trend began with the most famous "Twitter", a creation from social community developers. It allowed us to share "What's on your mind" in mere 140 characters and instigated interaction through comments. Although various sites such as and exist, Twitter became prominent and synonymous to Microblogging. In terms of users, Twitter manages a huge crowd of about 200 million users across the globe. It manages around 140 million tweets a day.

Twitter gives a text messaging feel, limiting the tweet to 140 characters only. It is direct and defines "Micro" in the word Microblogging. May it be a disaster management, a star wedding or a political movement, Twitter is the first social networking platform to address it all. This social networking development allows creation of groups. Masses from diverse backgrounds with diverse intents join Twitter. Twitter allows community formation for a dedicated purpose; wherein, masses can interact and share solutions to various issues. It allows communication or political movements supporting it with Tweetstats and Twittermaps.

A viral to marketing

Social network Development Company carefully designed it to share all types of multimedia information. Another group of social network developers resolved in establishment of Facebook in 2004. Holding over 400 million users, Facebook makes for the largest social networking development. The basic intent of social media creation can be broadly divided into three parts: To share your content, to comment and participate in discussions, and to be a part of the cause or a particular community. One characteristic of content communities is their ability to share like a viral. Facebook has also developed as an intense marketing tool. Successful marketing strategy is ranked according to link shares and likes over Facebook.

Let's Tube

Another form of social networking development is We-Tube. Yes, I-Tube, YouTube, We all Tube. Sharing User-generated content is the trend. As Facebook and Twitter allows text sharing (Microblogging), YouTube is the largest platform for videos sharing. Videos ranging from significant issues, scams, movies, songs, news to home-made videos are shared on YouTube. YouTube became available in the year 2005; however, it acquired fame only after Google owned it in late 2006.

As social network development companies dominate all sectors, all the companies from mammoths like Dell to mid-sized organizations are adopting internal social networking development. It simply means if you do not want your boss to see it, do not share it! This may lead to a well-organized activities and employee participation on a large scale.

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