Tips and Tricks on How to Close a Sale


Tips and Tricks on How to Close a Sale

How do you close a sale? When you’re starting your online business people always get caught up with putting their own names and photos out on the product pages they are creating. I don’t do this.

I use pen names. I go out and create content that is good for the search engines so that my ranking will be high. I put information out there that motivates them to click on the link to find out more about what I am talking about.

I want it to be a quick process. So there are a few things that I do. I’m targeting the customer with selected keywords. I offer them a free report on my blog and get them on a mailing list so that I create a relationship with them. Then they are more apt to buy things through your referral.

When you are targeting keywords, you’re targeting them to close the sale. It just depends on what kind of search people are doing.

Most people are curious about the content that you put up on the website. Does it have to be fresh content all the time to rank well in the search engines? I put together a website that took me 3 hours to do. It ranks well for certain keywords and I make a sale from it every week. So you don’t have to have fresh content on your site. Just make sure that the content is very good.

So you don’t need fresh content to rank well in the search engines. You might need new fresh links that go back to your website. Keep up with a good routine of going out and getting back links. I have a handful of websites like that and I get sales from everyone. They have held their ranking for 4 years now.

I start by doing my keyword research. Then I create the website and from there do the marketing. Depending on the niche I will decide if this will have a social media presents. If it is more of a commercial site, I just do the SEO on it and concentrate on keeping up the back links to the site. It really depends on the product that I am trying to sell.

I created a site 3 years ago. I’ll sit down and take a look at the stats and see what keywords are coming up for that site. If it is beneficial for me to ad a few more pages I will do so. I like to create a passive income model.

After I create the site, I test it to make sure it converts well. Then I’ll tweak it and just let it run. I always work on getting back links to my website. I like to break everything down into fine steps. Building back links is very important and should be apart of everyone’s SEO plan. It’s the single most important factor when it comes to ranking and to close a sale.

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