Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Facebook Marketing


 Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Facebook Marketing

The birth of social networking sites has renewed the face of internet marketing. Facebook marketing is growing popular in the internet marketing industry because of the high level of freedom of information and advertising strategies that the web site allows. With over half a billion users worldwide, there is no better place to spread your promotional materials.

Standing Out

Of the millions of pages in Facebook, how can you make yours stand out? Fortunately, there are simple techniques that can make your business-related pages popular. Start with having a large profile picture with at least 200×600 pixels dimensions. Use your business logo or produce a poster that's eye-catching and easily readable.

Facebook recently released its timeline modification for profile pages. In your business's profile account, make a creative banner that represents your company's image and vision. Also keep your status messages updated. The new timeline profile page indexes your updates in timeslots for easy reviewing by your followers.

Next, you may integrate Facebook applications with your independent websites. For example, your articles in blogs may be suffixed by "like us on Facebook" or "share with friends" buttons. This Facebook marketing strategy makes your advertising rapid and viral.

Active Participation in your Niche

Facebook has thousands of groups and fan pages. You can further increase the visibility of your profile by visiting profiles and fan pages with related products or services. On their walls, leave sensible and helpful comments. Simply liking posts and comments that are related to your business may increase your visibility.

You also need to add friends. For fan pages, you need to increase the number of your followers. You can pull this off by giving rewards to current followers if they will help you reach a particular number of likes. A larger number of likes will make your posts visible to a larger number of people and prospective customers.

Keep Contact with Fans and Loyal Supporters

Need more likes and recommendations from your fans? Constantly communicate with them and make them feel rewarded for following your Facebook marketing pages. Tag them in photographs and images of new collections, promos and special events. They will be notified directly through their notification bars, so they will immediately see your posts. You can also make photo badges and apps that your followers can use exclusively. You can keep your customers interested and happy if you make them feel remembered.

Use Polls to Gather Information

Do you need to conduct research for future marketing strategies? There are Facebook marketing solutions that are integrated with the website – and people usually do not think they can be used for marketing! The voting or poll feature allows you to gauge the taste of your existing followers. What do they want from future products and services? What can be improved with your business?

Simply post a poll on your page and watch how quick the responses are. People are more likely to answer surveys via Facebook because the process is very simplified. They just need to click a few buttons and they're done.

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