Tracking What Affects Your Website's Conversion Rate


 Tracking What Affects Your Website's Conversion Rate

One of the most important aspects of internet marketing (or really any marketing) is your rate of conversion. This can be a little confusing for people just starting out. After all, most gurus just drill one thing into your head- traffic, traffic, traffic. A lot of people just say that all you have to do is take in all the traffic that you can and you will be successful. But, think about it for a second- does traffic matter if that traffic does not result in any money making actions? This is what conversion rate is all about. Your conversion rate is the percent of people that visit your site that end up taking the action you want them to. This action can be anything- from clicking on an ad, to buying your product, to signing up for your mailing list. It's important that you get your conversion rate as high as you possibly can, in order to get the most out of the traffic that you send to your website.

There are a number of ways to increase conversion. While some of these are going to be more relevant than others to your work, they are all important to make sure you have optimized. You can try and optimize them all at once, but it might be a good idea to work on them one at a time. The reason for this is simple- if you are changing multiple things about your website at once, then it's hard to know what change is actually resulting in the shift in your conversion rate. It's important that you are able to accurately and effectively track what aspects of your website are most important for your conversion rate, and which do not seem to make a big difference.

One of the simplest ways you can increase conversion is by making sure that your website loads as quickly as possible. It sounds overly-simplistic, but how many times have you navigated away from a website that took too long to load its pages? With the advent of high speed internet there's no reason why anyone should wait too long to load a website, and people just will not stick around for more than a couple seconds if your site is still loading.

Another simple technical change you can implement is making sure that your website is compatible with all browsers. The web browser landscape is always changing and never fully homogenous, so you need to make sure your site works with all of the most popular ones. It's silly to lose conversion because your website does not work right on everyone's computer.

There are also a few trust building additions you can make to your website. Having a somewhat prominently displayed privacy policy and set of terms and conditions is a great way to look legit. Adding real world credibility indicators like phone numbers also helps.

Finally, you can always go with the tried and true method of increasing conversion- bribes! Conversion rates often skyrocket when you give something of value away to your visitors (especially if you are collecting e-mail addresses for list building).

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