Traffic Generation By Using Backlinking


Traffic Generation By Using Backlinking

As an owner of a website or a blog, you know that traffic is the lifeblood of your business. To get traffic to your website you need to create backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites that link to your site. The more backlinks you have to your site, the more traffic you will get. Because of this you will get ranked higher in Google, which again means more traffic.

Simply put, if you have more backlinks than your competitor who is targeting the same keywords as you are, you will get a higher ranking in Google’s results.

So far so good, but if you only have a few backlinks don’t expect to be on Google’s first page for your keywords.

Google uses a method called PageRank to determine the importance of a webpage. It is one of the factors to determine which pages appear in the search results. The more backlinks a webpage has combined with other factors, Google gives it a higher PR. If you have backlinks from sites with a higher PR than the competition, you will outrank them in the search results.

If you want the best results you’ll need backlinks that come from authority sites. An authority site is a website that Google sees as the best of the best and that have been around a long time like CNN.

It is nearly impossible to get backlinks from those kinds of sites, but on the Warrior Forum these kinds of links are being sold for high prices!

Additional ways to generate backlinks:


Look for forums in your niche and become a member. In your profile you should add a signature with a URL to your site or squeeze page. Every time you comment on a post (or start one) your signature will be displayed. People will see your signature and click it IF they liked what you said. Therefore you should always contribute quality answers and solutions.


Comment on blogs in your niche and make sure you leave a URL to your site just as with forums.

Press Releases

Consider using services these services to create a press release for your website. It can be a few paragraphs, or as fancy as you want with video, slideshows, images, etc. Your site may be of interest to niche bloggers who distribute content in your industry. And press release services have the potential of getting you thousands of backlinks, because press releases get syndicated to thousands of websites.

If you need a lot of backlinks for higher rankings in the search engines it sometimes requires automating this process. This is where automation comes in!

There are online tools you can use to push your sites to the first page of Google or even to a #1 position. Online Bookmarking tools are services that bookmark your site to thousands of social bookmarking sites and you don’t need to create accounts for them.

Now if you do it manually or by automation, the following with traffic generation and backlinking is important: Just do something EVERY DAY. As I said earlier it’s not difficult, and it’s not hard, just keep building backlinks. For more free information on this subject you can click the links below.

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