Using Social Bookmarking to Increase Web Traffic


Using Social Bookmarking to Increase Web Traffic

Lately, there are many social websites which have come up. As much as people are on these sites, there are also chances of channeling your business website to them. Linking your website to the social sites is one marketing strategy that is doing well for businesses world wide since they help you increase traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking has emerged to be an integral part of communication of the internet. The main idea behind these types of sites is that, when a user gets on social sites, sometimes they tend to link to other pages that are totally not associated with the social website. The reason behind these types of sites is that the moment readers get converged, they bookmark the pages that they like and provide descriptive labels to the most wanted websites. The websites that are very popular and written in a nice manner will move to the top. Activities by visitors on these websites allows for the emergence of the ‘cream of the crop’ on the internet.

Using this kind of set-up, visitors of these sites will get to see the current websites that are popular and click on the ‘Most Popular’ and this will increase the site traffic of the website. If social bookmarking sites and activities are used effectively then the time to interact in the popular sites can be used for this kind of internet marketing initiative.

It is a widely accepted belief that most prospects are those that come from referrals. In order to be the star on some of these internet communities and get the traffic that you are seeking, it is recommended that the contents of your site should be compelling enough to satisfy the needs of readers. If this happens, the content can be pushed to the top popular web pages on many popular sites.

Being placed on the top of of popular sites is a sign of approval from visitors and other users of the sites. In a test that was available online, content that made it on top of one social bookmarking site gave thousands of hits. For businesses that rely on online approval, the figure would be helpful in generating more hits to their website and eventually making sales. Social networking sites can be used to bring traffic to your website if you are creative and can think out of the box.

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