Web 2.0 As an Advertising Tool


 Web 2.0 As an Advertising Tool

The internet has become one large shopping center or shopping mall with everything we could possibly be interested in having all available to us by the touch of our mouse or keyboard.

Some of the more popular and well known web applications or companies that embody the principles provided by Web 2.0 include Google Maps, Digg, Flickr and Technorati. The addition of many advances in technology have helped to make Web 2.0 the success it is today including link and web blogging, wiki posts, podcasts, online publishing and rss feeds. These many technological advances have been extraordinary as advertising tools for network marketers.

Having an online business requires hard work and dedication with the most going towards advertising and generating traffic to your site. Generating traffic to your site is only a first step; however, more importantly is converting this traffic into sales. New network marketers often start their business full of optimism because they believe their product or service is the best and all they need to do is get people to see their product. This is sometimes easier said than done, however.

Web 2.0 offers network marketers not only the opportunity to generate traffic to their site but to generate traffic in their target niche, making the probability of sales much higher. While Web 2.0 offers many different and effective ways to help you generate traffic, one of their services that have received a lot of hype because of its popularity is Digg.

Digg lets people from all over the internet come together to share their common interests. Digg allows and helps you to generate targeted traffic to your site where people that are interested in your product can view your site. Make sure you have excellent web hosting as you may get thousands of visitors in one day and if they can not navigate freely because your server is too slow, you may lose potential customers.

If you're trying to sell a product that you believe in, part of your advertising goals are to make the public become believers as well. Well written articles are a great way to promote your product to your targeted niche market. Whether you're interested in affiliate market programs or blogging, well written articles that the viewers find interesting will work wonders towards getting them to your site. If your articles are interesting, the viewers will vote on it. The more votes it gets, the higher it will be ranked. The ranking it gets determines where it shows up on the page and for how long.

With the right writing strategies, your articles can draw a lot of traffic to your site. When giving your article a title, make sure it's interesting enough to make viewers want to click to see more while it's mysterious enough to not give it all away in the title. If you're not sure what articles draw the most attention and interest, do a little research before you write and post your article. Web 2.0 can make posting your article a main way of generating traffic to your site with its numerous functions and integrations with other online applications.

As successful as applications like Digg are, this is not all that Web 2.0 is all about. There are many other techniques Web 2.0 has developed to help you generate traffic to your targeted niche market.

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