What is Twitter – Understanding the Value of a Social Networking Website


 What is Twitter - Understanding the Value of a Social Networking Website

If you are like me, I am sure you receive automated responses from social networking websites where someone is trying to add you to their group of friends. Sometimes you ignore these things, other times if a really good friend initiated the automated email you think about it a bit. So, Twitter is one famous social networking group, maybe you have received a few emails inviting you to join. But you ask what the heck is Twitter?

Well, let me tell you, you see I once had a bird named "Twitter" it was a very expensive African Gray, actually his name was SAM, but for some reason it never learned to talk, so I nicknamed named Twitter. Occasionally, he learned to say "Twitter" and believe me this was no Tweety Bird, it is a large beautiful bird.

I ended up giving Twitter to a friend, who had a female bird of the same variety. Then would not you know SAM (Twitter) started talking up a storm. I think he was lonely. And maybe he might have joined a social network on the Internet.

He is a very smart bird, SAM is or Twitter rather and I am sure he would have been able to communicate fine with all the other little Tweeters out there on the Internet. Or the social networking Bird Brains on some of the less social networking sites? Tweet, Tweet, My dear Twitter.

One thing you must remember about social networking, it is not real networking, it is not in real life, just like my bird was stuck in a cage, he could not really communicate, because he could not commute, until he was re-united in real life with a real member of the species, think on that a moment if you will?

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