Why Article Submission is Important For Your Internet Marketing Success


Why Article Submission is Important For Your Internet Marketing Success

Article Marketing, ie. the submission of written articles to online article directories, is an important means of Traffic Generation in Internet Marketing. At the author’s resource box of each article, you can create high PR backlinks to your website to drive traffic and improve your site’s Search Engine Optimization rankings, and also build yourself up as an “Authority” in the subject matter over time.

Notwithstanding, Article Marketing always seems to be a daunting task, especially to the new Internet Marketer. Many Internet Marketing newbies face lots of difficulties in writing suitable articles for submission to the various Article Directories. Coming up with good content for one’s articles is also another major issue faced by these people.

Importance of Submitting Articles to Article Directories

So why submit articles to the article directories? We all know that the submission of well-written articles is an excellent means to build the reputation of oneself and one’s site as the authority in a particular online niche. Article Marketing is also one of the best methods for generating qualified leads to your website (through the Author’s Resource Box at the bottom of each article).

In addition, a keyword rich article with informative content can help you get good search engine rankings for your targeted keywords over time. Article directories tend to be well regarded by the various search engines, and thus, backlinks to your site from your published articles are very useful for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns.

Remember to include the appropriate backlink text encompassing the selected keywords in this regard. For example, if you are trying to raise your search engine rankings for the term “Internet Marketing School”, make sure that the keyword text within the backlinks comprises this keyword term.

Useful Tips for Writing your Articles

A useful tip to writing your articles quickly and effectively is to MODEL, and not to “reinvent the wheel” – there is so much information out there in the article directories and on the internet, such that you can do your research and then create your own unique article. Remember to develop your own Voice and Flavor to your articles as well!

In the alternative, you can consider spending money to hire a freelance writer to do the writing for you. This can be a very costly exercise though, and is likely to be more feasible only when your online business has attained a certain level of success. We would therefore strongly recommend that you start your Internet Marketing career by learning to, and writing your own good and effective articles for submission to the article directories.

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