Why Does Every Business Need a Blog?


 Why Does Every Business Need a Blog?

I know that blogging is an area where many people get stuck because they do not feel confident to produce quality content for their blog.

Let's look at why you would want to master these skills and why you should bother to create a blog:

Blogs are cool and I believe every business should have a blog. Why? Blogs are easy to set up and maintain. They provide one of the easiest ways for you to brand you and your business online and to get free qualified traffic to your websites.

Google loves blogs and ranks them highly. Google my name and you will find my blog immediately. These builds credibility, and because of the personalized content on blogs people seem to trust the message more, and enjoy reading more than on regular websites. (Note: you must provide quality content – not bash your readers over the head with opportunities! Your readers are looking for information and solutions.)

Your blog is completely in your control. Never in the history of marketing have we had such an opportunity to personally brand ourselves and be in control of our own message without paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for the privilege. I'll post more about which blog platforms are available and what the benefits of them are in the near future.

You can learn to make short videos, your can paste other people's videos where appropriate, you can write articles and with all of this content you are creating back links to your websites which provide residual value and traffic. It is completely in line with doing the work once and getting paid over and over!

All of the content you produce can be re-formatted into a different delivery method so for instance you can write a 500 word article for your blog on Monday. On Tuesday you can create a short video with the same message which will appeal for more 'visual' types who are searching for video training. 2-3 days later you can submit your article to 5 good Article Directories. (I say that because Google will rank your blog based on it being original content so you do not want to submit the article to multiple places at the same time as you first post your blog. It means that you only have to think about this once and do a little planning and research and then you can use the same information over and over.

A Blog is interactive and is an essential part of the new Web 2.0 marketing tools. People no longer wanted to be preached to by stiff looking reporters with monotone voices on television, or shouted at in newspapers. They want to be a part of the communication and be able to talk back. They can have their voice by commenting on your blog.

Final point for today. Blogs are FUN! I love blogging, and contributing to the creative world that bloggers inhabit.

These are just a few of the reasons why you really might want to take advantage of blogging technology. By now you may be asking yourself, 'Why would I not have a blog?'

If you're thinking that you do not have the hair or the desire to be a You Tube 'guru' then do not fret. You can blog quite happily without producing your own videos if that's not your thing. As with all of these new tools, you may find that once you master one method, the others will not seem quite so daunting.

It's all about baby steps and gaining confidence so as I often say you just need to get started. If you already have a blog but are not blogging because it looks too difficult start to Google some other blogs in your industry and I'm sure you'll find that if you break them down piece by piece you can easily start to produce your own .

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