WP Google PageSpeed Insights Image Optimizer



Plugin now has ability to scan theme and plugin directory for images and optimize these. All plugins and themes

This plugin is for all those people who are struggling with Google saying their images can be optimized better.

We make use of the Google PageSpeed API. Therefor it has the exact same compression as Google PageSpeed. It just works out of the box (if API key is set).

The best of it, we do NOT make the image a lower quality one!

If you want a demonstration for a specific image, just ask me and I will upload it in my site and show you the results.

Here is an example:

Before: 181.07KB
After: 64.57KB



  • Check if plugin still working with latest Google pagespeed: Plugin still works!



  • New: Added an option to only try and optimize images wich have 0%. Sometimes this is due to the Google API limits. So this way you can still optimize all images.
  • Fix: More checks so optimizations of a negative percentage is no longer possble.


  • Fix: Fixed bug where bulk would show NAN% for savings.


  • Fix: Fixed bug on bulk page where it would not load the Bulk optimizer but just a blank screen.
  • Check: Checked compatibility with WP 4.9.


  • Fix: Domain for restriction is now properly set in back-end.
  • New: Added logfile to try to fix bugs faster.


  • Fix: Fixed issue with warning: Division by zero in wp-contentpluginswp-google-pagespeed-image-optimizergoogle-image-optimizer-admin-view.php on line 485
  • New: Added check so backup only is made when it needs to.


  • New: Added ability to scan plugins directory for images and optimize these images too. So this is for ALL plugins.


  • New: Added extra check to see if the downloaded ZIP even has an image. If not, nothing happens.
  • New: Added the domain wich you have to use for the API restriction. This is what we set as referrer for the plugin. It is mandatory!


  • New: Added ability to scan themes directory for images and optimize these images too.
  • Fix: Restore backup would break sometimes.


  • Change: Changed how files are downloaded from Google and unzipped.
  • Fix: Bulk no longer goes beyond 100%
  • Note: Restricted API keys are now mandatory


  • New: Before / after slider for comparison of the images before and after the optimization / compression.
  • New: Added a counter to the settings since you can only call the Google PageSpeed API 25.000 times a day.
  • Improvement: A bit cleaner code.


  • Bugix: The bulk would sometimes have a JS error.
  • New: Option to restore all backups at once.
  • New: Option to optimize only unoptimized images.
  • Improvement: Better looking backend


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